Friday, September 2, 2011

Heston 1 ; Hollywood remake 0

Charlton Heston was a bit of a nut-bag but he did make some good movies;
A la;  Omega Man, The Agony and the Ecstasy, Soylent Green, Ben Hur... and of course
Planet of the Apes... By "good" I do mean "Awesome".

I think that the supply and demand as shown by Amazon truly illustrates my point;

Heston's Apes released 1965; only 7 copies starting at $8

Hollywood remake crap, released 2001: nobody wants, starting at 42 cents

Seriously Hollywood, give us some rough edges, give us some story telling, give us Charlton pounding the sands cursing those damn dirty apes.  Polished special effects don't make people like movies.  Also just so you know, if you try to remake Soylent Green with some schmuck like Tom Cruise, I will find you, tie you to a chair in front of a giant television and make you watch nothing but Jar-Jar Binks scenes from Star Wars Phantom Menace until you scream out in pain and your eyes are too sore to blink. 
Thanks so Much.

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Stringfellow said...

Tim Burton, Danny Elfman and Tim Roth... it really should have been better, but I've seen worse, I suppose.