Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Once upon a time I lived in a two bedroom apartment all by myself. I could keep all of my work out of my bedroom and at the far end of the house. There was free heat and water and on sunny days the sunlight would stream in over my futon where I could nap between afternoon classes. The ceilings were quite high and the washer and dryer were free (although the basement they were in was rather creepy and gross)... I had a front and a back porch... all this for $325 a month.
Granted the down side of my apartment was that it was located in south west Ohio... Somedays while I am working in my bedroom and I find that all of my stuff is just all crammed together because there is no room to spread... and when I have to pay all of my utility bills and considerably more rent... I sigh a soft breath and miss my stupid Cincinnati apartment. Never again.


Anonymous said...

That was an awesome place! I'll never forget rolling over in my sleeping bag and looking into the underground railroad basement between the floor and the wall intersection! But yeah, what a workroom you had, and the subway tiled fireplace, and radiators....Mom

Stringfellow said...

Never again will you live in Cincy, or never again will you be upset about your current lack of space?

al'xae said...

Never living in Cincy again... I am constantly wishing for more space. If I ever move to NYC I'll probably be missing my little room in Berkeley. Sigh.