Friday, July 8, 2011

Daily Minutes...

12am; load car for following day of fittings, trunk full, arrange blanket covering costumes in back seat to look more like a sleeping (or dead) body than costumes (hope that nobody breaks into car to hassle the corpse).
1:30ish; sleep?

6:02am; wake sharply with the feeling of having slept in and missed all appointments
6:11; convince self to go back to sleep
8:06; wake up again... decide that it's close enough to 7 hours of sleep to get up.
8:40; oatmeal
10:11; crap! I woke up two hours early and I'm already 15 min behind...

10:35; arrive at rental shop (located next to the methadone clinic) to find that nobody is answering the door.
10:40; make friends with locals
10:48; get into the rental shop
12:15pm; leave rental shop with a new 50lbs of costumes, haul it all back to the car stepping over puddles of unknown origins

12:30; arrive at Shakespeare offices...
1:55; haul another 40lbs of costumes to car
2:15; chicken wrap lunch

2:55; arrive at rehearsal hall and try to pull costumes from the bottom of the pile out into the top
3:30; still sorting fittings on the sidewalk
4:00; haul all costumes up to rehearsal hall in three batches
4:35; finished hauling
4:36; get asked if I "need any help"

5:30-7:50 fittings...
7:55; realize I've left a good 15lbs of costumes I was supposed to fit today in my f***g studio (rearrange fittings for later)
8:02; meeting with director
8:35; hurredly gather everything back into piles and have stage management and director help shove everything into car

9:15; left over pasta and a tangerine (wait for theatre crowd to leave the street my shop is on)

10:17; meet my lovely friend Alisha who helped me reload ALL of the costumes back into the shop

10:45; re-sort costumes for returns and re-load car for following day

10:55; return home.

12:33am; decide to blog because sleep isn't coming any time soon...
Can't sleep.

**exact times are mostly guess work with the exception of 1st wake up time and blog time.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you Alisha! Where do these people come from who ask if you need help right when you're done? I find them everywhere--must be a time machine someplace. Mom

Anonymous said...

P.S. - These guys look amazing! Mom

Stringfellow said...

4:35; finished hauling
4:36; get asked if I "need any help"


I do it at 4:34 so I don't come across as some kind of jerk. The nerve of some people is just astounding.