Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

A new year brings with it a plethora of resolutions that most people expect to fail at. I say Nay! Improvement is ongoing, resolutions should happen all year, the human spirit should be ever climbing to a greater goal at all times... January is a good time for reflection, to sit and think "where am I going?" "what would I like to be doing?" "Who do I want to be?". It is a time to look into the mirror and have a good harsh discussion with yourself.

Onwards and upwards.

This year I intend to learn about how to manage my money better, I am going to read one book by a Republican Conservative (a non-fiction book, Orson Scott Card does not count),I will fill the massive HP Lovecraft gap in my education by reading some, I am going to improve my foreign language skills (Spanish, Hebrew AND German), I will be a more positive person when I can, I will find time to go swimming this next summer... yes soon I will be closer to being closer to attempting 'perfection'

May your year bring you happy adventures, improvements, brilliant ideas and new exciting goals!

What are your next steps towards the fractal that is never quite perfection?  What Conservative book should I read that I will not feel the urge to purge upon?

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