Saturday, July 3, 2010


I copy Josh Tate now in pure indulgence...

Things I do not like but others seem to enjoy;
1. Snow
2. sledding/skiing/winter "fun"
3. hard candy
4. Sorbet or Gelato
5. breaded fried things (tempura/funnel cake/country fried "steak") (fish and chips are an exception)
6. Peets coffee, or Sarbucks coffee... ick both burnt substitutes for good stuff.
7. John Steinbeck
8. Halloween
9. Fruity alcoholic beverages
10. Disco (people don't admit to liking disco until you insult their precious ABBA, Donna Summers or BeeGees, and then true colors come out)

Things I enjoy that most people don't
1. Carob
2. Sherbet
3. designing menswear
4. orange and black as a fashion choice not Halloween wear
5. swimming through kelp
6. the cassette deck in my car
7. making lists!
8. working with stage blood/gore
9. smokey dark peat-y whiskey (ok mostly manly men like this and then there's me)
10. Black Licorice! (esp the salty stuff)




Anonymous said...

Seems a lot like your Dad's list - if he only made lists! Mom

Leontien said...

two questions:
what is Carob and
what is Sherbet???

just wondering....

al'xae said...

Carob; a tasty chocolate-like melts like chocolate, it looks like chocolate, it tastes nothing like chocolate so it gets a bad rap for fooling people into thinking they're getting something they're not. When I was little my mother gave it to me instead of Chocolate because it has no caffeine and I developed a taste for it.

Sherbet; it's like fruit ice cream, but less cream. Less healthy and better tasting than sorbet (which has no cream at all). Lighter than Ice Cream and gelato... Comes in many versions, the best include orange, pineapple and rainbow.

joven said...
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