Saturday, May 22, 2010

For the next time you're on the I-5

Between LA and the Grapevine is a long stretch of highway. Mostly it just winds along with no hope of stopping until you get to the other side of the hill. Since this is the last leg of my journey from Berkeley to LA I am usually just plowing through but there is this spot in the middle, Pyramid Lake, that always catches my eye.
It's a beautiful lake.

This time I decided to stop. Parking is free. There is a water museum inside created by the municipal water district, also free (I didn't take any photos inside, sorry I totally forgot to, it was rather dry despite the subject matter).

There are amazing views, it's a nice place to stretch cramped legs.
There's a water fountain to fill up your water bottle. The picnic areas were closed but they looked beautiful. Next time I'm going to forget the nasty rest area stops and just aim for the lake.

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