Thursday, May 6, 2010

Faith v. Hope

This is what the bottom level of the Bay Bridge looks like on a good day... a day I can take a snap shot with my right hand and still be safe.
On a day when it's raining driving under this bridge gets you wetter than driving on the surface streets. On occasion there are random chunks of road that fall from the upper level that you have to drive around. Last year this bridge was closed because a cable snapped... (miraculously nobody was seriously hurt)

the bridge is crumbling; and yet I drive on it...
not so much because I have faith that it will hold up, but mostly I Hope it will. I hope that it's sound enough to stay up and that the authorities will close it again if it's not. I hope that the new span of the Bay bridge will be finished before this old one falls into the bay. It probably will, but I'm not sure.

Sometimes I feel like a lot of life is like this. I don't have any faith that things will turn out for the better, but I hope they will, so I keep on driving that way.

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