Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oh Hey There...

Apparently I never logged out of Blogger. I've been here all along... somewhere between grad school and social media the blog lost its draw and then earlier today I thought "I hope my blog is still there". As I near the end I begin to remember the things I used to love. I used to go to the dog park all the time (I used to have a dog I could borrow) I used to write musings on this tiny forum for a few special people to see but with the possibility of anyone really to stumble across. So here we are, and I'm not sure I have my thoughts together enough to really be worth reading. It's a good thing probably most people who used to read this have given up on me for now. It's nearly 4am and I'm wide awake. I started doing homework for a sound class which was my first mistake. The prompt was to find music or sounds that give us chills. On the one hand finding music that makes me feel chills is easy. On the other hand now I'm full of feelings because of all the emotional chilling sounds I've been listening to. Finally I made a mixed cue composed of cat purrs, Mozart, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Demi Lovato. I miss having afternoons off to just drown myself in my music collection, and to play with the dog, and to cook. I'm ready. There are still miles to go before I can grab that piece of paper written with fancy Latin words and run back into the world but I'm ready.  Trying to savor what I've got right now, but also eager to start the next adventure.
Will I write again soon? Hopefully. If you're reading this, don't give up on me totally... I'm surfacing.

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