Friday, August 2, 2013

Moving Log...

July 28
Packing... and packing and packing.
Thinking about the things I need and the things I don't. It is exhausting and I actually yelled at the last person to ask me; "So are you all packed?"  Because the answer is NO!!!!
I've got most of my books packed but I've still got art supplies and kitchen supplies and all of the little things that one doesn't think about every day... I've got clothes packed but I've still got more and I think I want to go back through my already packed boxes to try and pare down even more...

Books get shipped media mail via the post office.

Clothes and non-fragile things get shipped via Greyhound.

Fragile things... I'm still researching the problem... and I need to get the proper packing materials for it all anyway.

The relentless mantra cycles in my head

Aug 2
I've sent off 15 boxes via USPS and I'm sending off at least six to ten tonight via Greyhound shipping.  We have reached the "just throw it in the box" phase of packing.

Also the 'Just give it away' phase

also the 'how do I still have so much crap in my room!?' phase

I still need to aquire a box for my Kitchen Aid and for my antique mirror...

My classmate and I take the motherload to the bus station in five hours but I'm sure there will still be one or two more trips to various couriers in the next few days.

The plane taking me East leaves in approximately 150 hours.


(Ok back to packing)

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