Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blue Jean Hoarding

I read about fabric a lot. I read about the dye process and the work conditions that are involved with making clothes... It makes it hard to buy cheap clothes and harder to throw things away... thus my blue jean problem. I've been cleaning out my shop in anticipation of my move and I found my stack of blue jeans. Mostly jeans with holes that "I'll repair when I have time". I never have time. I pulled out my stack of blue jeans and realized that some of them have been waiting so long to be repaired that even if I were to fix them, they are mostly out of fashion at this point. I decided to re-purpose them instead of throwing them out.

I have been having a ridiculously good time working on this quilt... although the size you see right now is only 8 pair of cut up jeans. I have 20. Oh my.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good! The only trouble I had the one time I made a quilt was mixing different weights of fabric. Now I know better AND I don't plan to ever make another one. I'll leave that to others! Mom