Thursday, April 18, 2013

New things I learned from watching Jurassic Park as an adult

When Jurassic Park came out I know I saw it multiple times. It was awesome... I loved the movie so much I couldn't see a reason to ever watch it on the small screen, so I haven't seen it since 1993 (maybe 1994). Re-watching this old favorite with a new perspective I learned a few things... for one I can now understand all of the Spanish at the beginning and gave myself a little pat on the back for that... but also;

1. Laura Dern's character is supposed to be the leading mind in Paleo-Botany, which I imagine would require a degree in science (probably a masters at least)... and yet her character has never heard of Chaos Theory. I understand that the authors felt it would be a good way to make Dr.Malcolm look smart, but really? I am merely a science enthusiast (who never took a science class in college) and I know a thing or two about chaos theory.  So... no I don't buy that bit.

2. This image... was perhaps a wee bit gratuitous. Also I think they were trying to make Goldblum "sexy" but I'm sorry it just didn't work. Something about the guy is just too 'smarmy'

3. Timmy.  Ugh.  First off; John Hammond is a total jerk for just dumping his grandkids on all of these unwitting adults (did he ask if they were cool with babysitting? No.) and the other is that Timmy is a whiny disaster who nearly got everybody around him killed because he was pretty much useless AND at the end when the Veloceraptor is trying to break into the control room, Lexi (his sister) is cracking into the computer system to get the door locks working while the adults are pushing against the door to keep it out and they can't quite reach the gun to shoot it... but Timmy's idea of helping is standing over his sister's shoulder and shouting "Hurry!  Faster!"
 Go grab the damn gun Timmy!

4. Even after 20 years this is still an awesome movie!

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Joshua Tate said...

Brilliant analysis!