Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fallacy of youth

I always thought that Allison was being a little overly dramatic about this... but I must admit somehow I did think that eventually I would ease up on my obsession with music. I thought that somehow once my youth had passed that I would find myself stuck in a bubble of time and wouldn't be able to connect with anything new.
I find now that as I grow older it is either not true or that I had vastly underestimated "youth".  I still find I loose sleep because I'm making playlists, because I'm listening to new music, because I'm discovering old music I'd never heard before.

 -- Teenage me... aren't you glad you were wrong?
(yea, I guess... at least we don't get pimples anymore, right?)
-- um... let's not talk about that right now, here's some awesome music from the future.

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Josh Tate said...

I was happily wrong about loads of stuff!