Sunday, April 22, 2012


Yes... I escaped!  It was a glorious four day Seattle excursion.  I had an amazing time, saw people I love, spent a day in a museum, tried new foods, met new people... it was good... but I am feeling rather quiet, perhaps just tired, so I am afraid the real blogging will be coming soon.  Sorry Mom and Dad, I'll call or blog soon-ish.  Jacquie says I'm a bad daughter for not calling to let you know my plane didn't crash into the ocean, so yea maybe so.  All is well, I took a surprising amount of photos... please stand by.


Anonymous said...

Glad you could get away. Glad your plain did not crash into the Pacific. Relax if you can, work when you must or want. I'm with you. DOD

Anonymous said...

Me too! Learning to take care of yourself is very important. Maybe someday I'll learn how, meanwhile I'm jealous. Love ya! Mom