Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cold Sleep.

I cannot sleep in the cold.  Last night the power went out around 2am because our wiring is crappy and my housemate and I both had our space heaters on.  Unfortunately the breaker box is in his closet and I didn't want to creep into his room in the black of night to try and regain electricity. 

I had horrible disturbing dreams, the kind I cannot recount here (knowing they were fictional) they were too gut wrenching to even talk about. I woke feeling like I had been beaten up throughout the night, cold and heartbroken.  It was clearly a shallow sleep, possibly no deep sleep whatsoever.  Tonight I left the heater off for fear I would have to go without the electric blanket and be faced with another fight with night terrors. 

I am officially adding "electric blanket" to my list of "Why living in the present is better than any time in the past".  It's right up there with indoor plumbing, hot showers, women's liberation and electric washing machines.

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