Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am including this web news clip here because the main stream media is skewing what is going on in the Bay Area, this seems fairly well balanced;

Occupy Berkeley is pretty much a few dozen people camping out downtown, with no threats of police action or evction, I had a chat with a few of the occupiers yesterday.

Occupy San Francisco is (by my estimation) a couple hundred people camped out by the Ferry Building, and the police have been pretty chill about that as well, I haven't stopped there but drive past it on my way to one of my theatre jobs.

Oakland is not burning down.  The police haven't been dealing with the situation very well and there is a group of jerks that every protester I know is trying to figure out how to stop because these miscreants aren't helping the cause, but Oakland is clearly the Occupy to keep your eyes on at the moment.

  The general strike yesterday was huge and peaceful, and the vandalism didn't happen until late at night.  So there you go... it's not as bad as the television says, and it's not just a big drum circle full of hippies, there is the full spectrum representing.  More info as it unfolds, but don't trust the television completely, they are peddling entertainment more than they should.


Anonymous said...

When has the press ever exaggerated?
Thanks for the update. We had 6 Occupiers @ the totem pole Saturday - then it rained/snowed and there was 1. Mom

al'xae said...

Oh... that is like wet-kitten cute. I fail to see how the totem pole represents the injustices caused by corporate person-hood and the corruption of greed in politics... perhaps they missed that memo.

Anonymous said...

When have we ever had any thinking protesters in Idyllwild?
The idea of the rich "trickling down" anything to the working class is laughable. The only thing the rich are willing to share is the work, in fact they are happy to give all of the labor and service to those below them. DOD