Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Idyllwild smells like cedar, pine and vanilla crushed under your feet.
New York City, in the summer smells like thunder and sweat, in the spring it smells like cinnamon.
Berlin has this odd mix of spices I cannot name, but it is oddly savory.
London smelled of wet concrete and brick.
The redwood forest smells like petrichor even when it hasn't been raining.
Monterey smells like salt water, fish, pine, and funnel cakes.

Berkeley must smell like something but I can't tell.  My nostrils refuse to clear. They have shut tight so that I can only detect the strongest of smells through a perpetual allergy induced sense blindness.  This season seems to be worse than ever and frustration is building.

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Anonymous said...

Always the delicate flower. Idyllwild now smells fresh, after the recent rains, and the salt ceder is gone, removing one allergen. I find that I am always reacting to something in Idyllwild, and am able to enjoy the air off the hill. DOD