Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bahnhof der Kunst

I walked into a building in San Francisco today that made me think about this art gallery Alex and I visited in Berlin... It was tall and filled with odd noises... the building in SF is a ferry building turned into a chocolate factory and has a sparseness coupled with a randomness of objects that took me across the globe in a flash...
I recall finding parts of this museum that was once a train station and wondering if we had accidentally left the museum portion of the building. After a few minutes wandering in dimly lit hallway you turn a corner and find something strange hung on the wall with a plaque and suddenly you find that you're ok...
In retrospect I really like the sense of bewilderment that this building gives you, it is an experience in itself, like wandering the woods and finding discarded treasure.
Sadly we were not allowed to wander through the chocolate factory.  I'm sure the oompa loompas would not have approved such activity.

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