Monday, June 13, 2011

Photo Perspective

I love looking at other people's vacation photos.  I like the photos of tourists holding up the tower of Pisa, them standing with crazy hair and exhausted beaming smiles in front of the Eiffel Tower... Moreso I love seeing the photos of odd details.  A friend of mine visited Versailles and took photos of the courtyard through the warped windows, another took amazing perspective shots of the Golden Gate Bridge from the base of the walk way...
When you are on vacation even iconic things can be new.

I love the odd detail shots; foreign toilets, supermarkets with funny brand names (An Aussie friend of mine thinks it is hilarious that we have "Drug Stores" in America).  Some photos are taken with specific people from back home in mind "ooh take a photo of me in front of the puppet shop!", others are taken so as not to forget... so much information just slips away.  I like the way these photos show the things that make you stop and gasp.  The photos that prove that you saw "That famous building", that you were "There" all the while most of us are aware that this snap shot can never capture the feeling of standing there.

I hear that some people don't enjoy looking at other people's vacation photos.  I contend that these people are looking at the wrong things.  Most of us know what the Pyramids at Giza look like, but it's amazing to see the care of memory and the excitement of the visitor... it is the world anew and we are so blessed to have the ability to share it.

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I don't enjoy other people's vacation photos. I have always blamed it on the fact that I am too selfish a person to ooh and ahh over somebody else's experiences. Maybe I havn't been looking at the right thing. I like that better than saying that I'm too selfish. I'm still afraid that's part of it though.

I also don't care to hear about other people's dreams. I cringe whenever someone starts a conversation with "I had the craziest dream last night."