Monday, October 18, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do.

(paraphrased somewhat)

IC: Oh I'm so sorry to hear you're leaving us. This month was our 8 year anniversary!
A: Uh-huh
IC: Can I ask Why you're leaving?
A: I just found someone who can give me more
IC: You mean for the same price?
A: less actually
IC: Well maybe we can rethink this, make it better
A: No I just don't think so. Every time I need you I just can't depend on you
IC: We just got together with someone else... maybe we can ask them to make you a deal
A: I've already asked for a new quote. Just cancel my damn auto-insurance policy and stop calling me.

Why is it auto insurance wants to make you feel like you're a jerk breaking up with them? I'm sorry; What have you done for me lately? Nothing! You take my money and when I need help I can't afford it. Buh-Bye!


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