Monday, September 20, 2010


I spent a day on Catalina with my best friend this weekend. Getting to SoCal I had two flat tires on the way down the state followed by one of the replacements being flat by morning... so my car's doughnut had its maiden voyage on the way to the ferry. There was minor panic about actually getting there but we got there with enough time to grab good seats.

The water was warm (nearly 70F!) the ocean was calm.

We didn't see any unusual wildlife for the area; mostly kelp bass, sardines and garabaldi... but the water was perfect and clear.
At one point I was floating there marveling at the giant kelp that is as beautiful as any land based forest on Earth, when a swell came and swept a great mass of kelp over me. I love kelp. I love swimming through kelp, it was so fantastic I started to giggle. Giggling in a snorkel mask leads to breaking the seal of the mask and consequently swallowing a good deal of salt water. It was still fantastic.

--all photos and video on this post were taken by my friend Shaggy (underwater cameras are cool)



Sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Escaping with Shaggy is so good for you! I am sorry about your tires tho.Do you have new ones or just repaired ones? Mom

al'xae said...

Well Ma, I had to get one used tire and one new one... it's probably messing up my alignment but it's what I could get. :/