Monday, August 9, 2010

Brevity is the soul of wit?

Today I saw a beautiful journal in the book store. It was that perfect size, just smaller than a paperback and about as thick. Bound in a hot-pressed bristol cover and gold along the edges, it smelled of freshly pressed paper. "A line a day Journal; a five year memory book"... beautiful. It tempted me, and yet it was $16 and started in January... seems a bit wasteful. What is more is my resistance to twitter-think; I guess I'm torn. The short format can be beautiful. It can be haiku, it can be simplicity... but on the other hand there is the common usage of "going to the grocery store" "can't wait for that TV show that I love to come on" where it becomes difficult to distinguish between insight and inner dialogue. On the other hand it gives you little excuse to shirk on writing Something every day... I think I shall try it here-- for free nonetheless! So possibly not every day, I think that even when I don't manage to take photos that I want to share, I may try posting more often with quick posts.... they shall be tagged with "brevity" and will likely be three lines or less.

For today;

Feeling downtrodden after working through the night and still being hit in the face with disappointment in the morning; I mended my soul with a change of venue. A dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant helped. It's odd how stuffed shrimp and hamachi can make things feel a little better.

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Stringfellow said...

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the five-year journal... I just did the math, and that comes out to just under a penny a day, even factoring out the first half of this year. Besides, you could just keep it going through the first half of 2015, and then you're down to like eighty seven hundredths of a cent. At today's rate! By 2015, you could be looking at an easy 1.7 to 1.78 cents per day, think of the investment! And the tangible product that will be there, with depth and breadth in more than one way, waiting for you to sit down and page through it when Twitter has tweeted its last and everyone's moved on to virtual reality interactions! Can you imagine? Some of the feelings that are going to jump all over you just from reading one line... the cryptic sentences whose origin will elude you for the rest of your life, but that you'll never stop thinking about... that entry from December 22nd, 2012 that just says "HAHAHA"... Well, you've convinced me, at any rate. Now, to find a decent bookstore...