Friday, April 16, 2010

Book shops

To purchase a book at a local bookseller;

1. locate book (oh look a section for Drama)
2. take book to counter
3. cashier will usually comment on the book such as
"oh good book", "I haven't read this one" or will ask you "Did you need anything else?"
4. pay for book
5. leave

To purchase a book at a large national chain book store;

1. walk in store to realize that they've swapped everything around and you've just spent the last five minutes walking to the complete opposite end of the store.
2.locate employee to tell you where Shakespeare is...
3. Walk past African American history, turn left at poetry into "Literature" (don't get me started on how I don't believe plays qualify as literature)
4. Locate book
5. Take book to counter
6. cashier will ask you
"do you have our discount club card?"
"Would you like to sign up for one they have all sorts of fantastic bla bla bla"
"can I have your email address?"
"can I have your zip code?"
Could you just sell me the damn book?! for book
8. leave store

---ugh I hate giant business.



If Sarah and I possessed less self-control we would drop serious coin on books every pay period. Book stores call to us like a siren song.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the club card will speed the check-out, but you either have to lie to the store or give info you don't want to share. What a pain. I like your used book stores a lot. DOD