Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Grocery lists and paranoia...

I met a lovely woman with bad teeth and I found that as I listened to what she had to say I ran my tongue along the inside of my own teeth. I smile, I respond, we laugh... I go on about my day. I spent a long afternoon cranking out little alterations on polyester costumes and I feel like a real rock star. When all of your notes take about 5 to 10 minutes to finish, a lot of work can be done in an afternoon. Later in the day I was at the drugstore. I couldn't find the soap I came for, or find the correct size battery for my camera... I've never had much of a sweet tooth in the rewards department but I want a treat for all the work I got done. I find that I prefer getting snake oils that make me feel like I'm making my skin better, my hair shinier and my feet softer... so today it's a toothbrush and a facial soap that smells like bergamot. I roll my tongue across the fronts of my teeth, it feels like I've got some plaque that could be conquered... I wonder if there are some better foods I could be eating for my gum health. It's insane. My teeth are the one thing that I really hit the genetic jackpot with, but that's no reason to be lax about it. Not a filling in my head, and yet I always worry that one day all my teeth will fall out rotten to the roots. A flash of the woman's receding gums flashed in my head, but I shook it off... do my teeth hurt? I went to the grocery store... bread, greens, cheese, tomato soup, pomegranate... I think I left the Berkeley Bowl with two bags full of veggies since I've been lax in remembering to go to the farmer's market this month. When I got home I put all my groceries away while smacking my teeth... they just feel filmy, I think it's time to break out the new toothbrush! No wait, we floss first. Every gap, twice... did I miss anything? Perhaps I should hit the teeth with some mouthwash and then floss again... mmm, still feels weird... I brushed and ooh hard. It felt good, I love these Oral-B toothbrushes, perhaps I shouldn't scrimp on dental care with the $1 brushes I've been using. mmm... my mouth does feel funny, perhaps I need a dentist... I used the floride rinse again before walking away. I looked at the fresh food I had just bought but didn't want to eat... my mouth hurts a little I don't want to chew... why does my mouth hurt? I need to call a dentist!
I worried about it for the rest of the day until the morning.

Then reason kicked me in the head "hey dumb ass, your mouth hurts because you just assaulted it with three flossings, a firm 15 minute brushing and a double rinse." Oh yea... maybe that's it.

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Sharon said...

I really like this post! And I totally relate!