Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Research and the summer of What the hell?!

I've just got to get this off my chest. This month a certain university to which I am an alumnus put out this publicity poster:

Seriously? Where did they get their research? Possibly from a photo like this:

It's a bit insulting to Real hippies and to anyone who's ever been to a Phish concert, or anyone who has lived in Berkeley or San Francisco (to present day), to Ben and Jerry... For one thing there's no facial stubble, hell there's no body hair! Their nails are spick and span, and their fake fake wigs are rather too well groomed...
Here are Real hippies;
Please note the grime, the nappy crazy hair, the mismatch clothing, the lack of neon colors... and look at that facial hair! Screw razors man... hippies don't shave when 'the man' says they should. Below, look at this woman's unibrow, she doesn't care... that's the freakin' point!
Real hippies; Look at their muddy feet, look at the lack of bras (the one in the publicity shot is so obviously a foam bra I want to puke on it... come on Ohio... Mark Twain always said that you were a good ten years behind the times, so in theory this should all be more current to you.
I hope that the publicity shot was just put together in haste because if the whole show looks like this I'm going to have to go get a new piece of academic paper from Yale or somewhere that I can point to and say "I trained There!"

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