Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Complicated

You know what bugs me? It's Complicated... no really, what I mean is on Facebook the Relationship status of "it's complicated". Perhaps it's because I'm not a big drama queen about dating. In my eyes there are the following options; single, married, engaged, in a relationship or it's none of your damn business. If it is complicated why put anything down at all? Is it so that we know that your love life is a hot mess? Is it to say that you have a love life but are unwilling to commit to being with someone or not with someone. Perhaps That is why it's Complicated. Perhaps your inability to say "Yes, This is my boy/girlfriend! and I'm crazy about him/her" is why your love life *probably* causes you conflict. Is it just a way to feel like you're letting everybody know that you're not socially dead? It's lame. What's also lame is when one partner puts down "In a relationship" and the other puts "It's complicated". Seriously? This is drama creation.

In fact while we're at it I don't think that single or dating people should put their status down either. If you're single and you're fishing for a date... ok maybe then. If you're in a relationship and it's pretty stable... maybe then... but still it means that when you change your status all of your friends will see the message "Jane Smith is no longer listed as in a Relationship" "Jane Smith is now Single" aww Poor Jane Smith, now all of your 276 friends know that you've been dumped.

Still if you feel the need to share that information, I can be ok with it. At least you are "Single" or "Taken". Be one or the other or nothing at all... It's Complicated is just too sad. If you're getting divorced, if you're in some complicated polyamory, if you're having an imaginary affair with Johnny Depp, just leave the space blank. Your close friends, the ones you talk to Offline, are the ones you can tell this tale to. Why the need to share with your co-workers and friends from the past?

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