Tuesday, April 28, 2009


You know that feeling you have for the radio when you get dumped? Suddenly you realize that every song is about love or heartbreak. I find myself listening to nothing but 24/7 classical and NPR because it's safe. I've been feeling like that with all printed media and news sources these days. I don't want to hear about the next thing I'm supposed to be freaked out about, I don't want to hear about the crappy economy because I KNOW. Yes, my bank account and I are well aware of the economic slump. It seems like there is just so much conflict in everyday life that I can't even read fiction these days.
All of the books on my "to read" pile have been gathering dust.
All I do these days is draw.
Obsessive compulsive doodles, graphic weirdness... I guess it's a way to work my brain without giving me another thing to worry about. If the hero will survive or not is just one more problem my brain doesn't care to deal with these days.

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sharon said...

I love it! I totally wish I woudl draw more... I think it's good therapy...