Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Pats

In honor of St.Patrick's Here are a few of my favorite Irish tunes (although not the best videos of them). The best thing about Irish music and Irish food is that it's not elitist. There is some that is better than others, but at the same time it's out there for everyone to interact with and to enjoy.   So I thought I'd post some less refined videos rather than posting all Dubliners and Pogues...

Yes, I'm a Huge U2 fan, but this is also a really good version of the Wild Irish Rover (bootlegged);

A shout out to my Protestant Irish ancestors 
(yes, my ancestors were the kill-joys of old Erin; it still counts);

Now this guy is singing one of the best pub songs ever. If you close your eyes and don't watch him it's good. If you watch him... well...  it reminds me of Bono from the I will follow video, in that he clearly will grow into his style but in the mean time it's awkwardly charming;

--May your troubles be less And your blessing be more And nothing but happiness Come through your door--

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sarah said...

I love it! Happy St. Patrick's!