Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Copy Cat Cola

(This is part of the new Pepsi ad campaign up all over including the public transit here in San Francisco)

Dear Pepsi Corporation,
You officially suck. It has nothing to do with your soda. Although soda pop has a large contribution to obesity and dental caries, I am talking to your advertising devision. I'm mostly offended by the way you've taken what was essentially a very successful ad campaign for Barack Obama and made it your own. If you simply look at the "hope" campaign as advertisement (which is a bit of a simplification), then you have offended me with your sheer lack of originality and the way you've decided to ride the coattails of popularity in hopes that people will like you too. It reeks of desperation. You are the sad high school freshman emulating the seniors in hopes of people forgetting that you don't care enough about yourself to figure out who You are and what You are about. Pepsi, please you can do better than this. Have a little self esteem and don't think that people are going to like you because you've changed your can and have decided to be like Barack. I expect if John McCain had won you would have "Pepsi First" posters up instead.  

Really, it's too late to support Obama, just go back to selling us overly sugary soda and stop with this irritating campaign.  You are not a political figure, you are not going to attempt to haul our collective ass out of this recession, you do not represent a new era,  and you are not giving us "Hope" in any capacity.  Perhaps you should focus on "Fizz", "refreshment" and other such verbs that Pepsi actually can provide us with.


Anonymous said...

That is truly an annoying campaign. I haven't seen the like down here (thank goodness), but your rant is dead on! Mom

Anonymous said...

Spot on! I will boycott Pepsi in favor of Gin and Bitter Lemon, and or Scotch. DOD

Stringfellow said...

Down with Pepsi! Make scotch and 7up yours!