Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November respit

Disclaimer; I solemly swear to try and stop with the half-assed blogs... must actually put interesting things up on the internet... must be insightful... after this one;

This I took a break (as most of you know)... I've been working solidly since May with few days off in the midst. It had been making me rather amazingly cranky. So last week I ran away.
I went to Catalina with my best friend;

I caught up with some friends from high school.
I had lunch with Sarah and Rosie, where I met many of Sarah's new family members (as in new since 2001) and Lisa (who I may have met before or perhaps only online. It all gets blurry...) I failed to document "When blogs collide" in a room of ten people (four of them under the age of six) seven of us were bloggers... and I don't think any of us took a photo.
although I got this one in the coffee shop later...

I pestered my sister.

Had early Thanksgiving with my family

played some pinball... swung on some ropes...

I took a hike on the Ernie Maxwell trail and all in all had a lovely week away from responsability