Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Berkeley Can You Be?

Berkeley has an annual "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade. If it wasn't always on a day that I'm prepping for tech (and clogging up my means of hauling heavy costumes and whatnot in and out of my theater downtown ) I might enjoy it better... the other week I walked through the post-parade festival on my way to the dank dark dungeon that is my costume shop. There were people in crazy costumes, others holding out petitions to sign, belly dancers... Berkeley really is a big mish mosh of eccentricities, which I like, except that when they all pile together it's just irritating and creepy.

As it is I  just figure the parade is an excuse to get a second use out of Burning Man costumes. I didn't get a picture because they were too fast, but I did love the giant cupcake bike... and this snail was impressive.
There were a lot of art cars on display
and other people taking pictures of the art cars; this guy looks too normal to be from around here.
I suppose the furry bunny slipper bikes were pretty cool too...

at least my city has a whimsical sense of civic pride.  Ok that's it; now back to being a curmudgeon. 


Anonymous said...

The snail looks like it was made on a golf cart. Could you tell what the base was for the bunny slippers? Crazy Berkeley theatre - only OUT side! Fun! Mom

alexae said...

the bunny slippers are on top of bicycles with big training wheels to keep them from toppeling over, just like the cupcake. :D