Friday, March 14, 2008

Q; So where have you been?

A; Out of Town...

In an attempt to avoid drama and jealousy and stumbling blocks that has been my answer for my week out of town. I did tie up all of my obligations, and finish some projects early, I did everything necissary to permit not being in Berkeley for the time allotted, all of corse with a very vague response of what I was up to... so now I will potentially spoil my discression by posting lots and lots of pictures of where I've been... I've been far out of town, doing research, finding family, enjoying life.
The first hour I arrived here were a few of the pics I took... for those who don't know where I was, see if you can guess.

This is of corse a quick teaser, there will be massive amounts of pictures with stories included but I am at the moment working on getting another show on its feet so blogging will probably be in small bits.